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Monday 31 May 2010

The Air Bridge Outdoor Media solutions speeding up in China

What is an Air Bridge media package?

For those who are not familiar with OOH media or Airport media, one of the TOP media within an airport is the Air Bridge Media. The Air bridge is the structure that connects directly the plane door to the terminal so most of the passengers have to go through an air brdige within an airport except in case of remote boarding or arrival where you might walk or take a bus to get to the terminal entrance.

Beijing Airport Terminal 2

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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Nepal Series (3/3)- A country hungry for marketing innovation

While I was in Nepal, since the country was on strike we had a lot of spare time to discover the country and its culture by discussing with the people in the local people in the streets or in our hotels who like us were quite powerless about the event so I took some time to discuss with them about advertising.

Nepal outdoor Ncell 1

I won't go into too much details but a few things can be remembered:

- Nepal media industry ( TV, radio etc...) is really free of speech as Nepal is a democracy and they really defend those rights.

- For the advertising industry, it means they are really free to broadcast whatever message they want or really be innovative on the creative but by looking around or looking at TV, you can really see an obvious lack of creativity here

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Saturday 22 May 2010

My Interview on China Business on outdoor advertising in China

Wanted to share with you a brief interview I gave for our friends of China Business Connect, specialist of e-learning in China.

You can find my interview on http://china-business-connect.com/interview-outdoor-advertising.htm

It actually gave me an idea and in the coming weeks, I will interview some of the persons I know in the outdoor advertising in China to share with you their insights.

Monday 17 May 2010

China Outdoor 2010 growth forecast- Q1 results higher than expected + 22% Ad spending, +27% for outdoor

I wanted to share with you the last information published by CTR regarding the ad spending in Q1 2010 for China.

The Ad spending for Q1 2010 has reached 130,2Bn RMB, a 22 % increased compared to Q1 2009. What is very striking is that Q1 2009 only saw a 2% increase compared to Q1 2008 so we can really say the Ad spending growth is back on track FULL SPEED.

As you can see below, all medias revenues are increasing big times. This is not due only to an increase of inventory but mainly because media operators did increase their rate cards quite a lot from 2009 and the Q1 2010 sales have been surprisingly good.

ctr research

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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Nepal Series (2/3)- Outboor billboards in Nepal: Let's PAINT!!!

From Kathmandou international airport, my trip continued by bus to Chitwan Natural Park about 5 hours drive from Kathmandou; then from Chitwan we went to Pokhara (another 4 hours drive) where we were stuck for 4 days as we could not make our next move and we ended up to drive to Kathmandou before flying back to Beijing.

We did spend some time on the orad mountains where we saw a lot of ads actually, PAINT ADS. Indeed, like what we can find in the countryside of China or I believe in many areas less developed, the best way for advertisers to have space is to rent a space directly on Walls of buildings or home or even directly on the mountain road stone protection to paint your ad.

For the buildings or personal homes, I believe the media company may directly discuss with the owner and pay them a yearly rent and then re-sell the location but I am not sure.

Seeing that the country is not that huge and cities have a reasonable size, I also thought that maybe the brands have staff who can directly go discuss with the owners to rent the space on their buildings or home.
Unfortunately, I was too sleepy on the bus to have the chance to take pictures of those ads but I think my friend might have some, I'll post them in the coming days. but for now, I can share with you the painted ads that you can see inside the city.

Here you can see the Total logo painted on a store that looks like a lubricant store:

total ad on store

For the shops, we can ask ourselves the same thing. In a typical Nepalese street, you will have the shopes entrance directly on the streets and the entrances are all Steel doors (see picture_ i am not sure of the english word for this kind of thing). On the top of each door, you can find an AD panel that may or may have not something to do with what the shop actually sells.

castrol ad

Here you can see Castrol as well which is a big outdoor advertiser in Nepal.

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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Nepal series (1/3)- Kathmandou international airport

I apologize for being so long to write a new post, I was in Nepal for my holidays for about 10 days and the access to Internet was not really convenient (don't worry, they have internet everywhere in Nepal, i don't mean it that way).

For those who may have seen on the news, Nepal was on National strike last week due to the Maoist party; basically all shops were closed, only basic shops or tourist area shops were open from 6pm to 8pm. No vehicles were allowed in the streets, except tourist vehicles. No need to tell you that my holiday plans changed completely along the way and that I came back even more tense than when I left but well, that's life. The strike is over now, so I guess it's the right time to go now :.)

strike nepal 1

To come back to my subject, I wanted to share with some interesting facts about the only airport in Nepal which has international flights: Kathmandou International airport.

boarding hall nepal 1

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Wednesday 28 April 2010

TouchMedia in Beijing surfing on the World Expo and the Auto-Show

After a first launch of Touch Media screens in Beijing taxis about 3/4 years ago; they kind of disappeared for a while due to a lack of content and advertisers. Touch Media this last year seemed to focus more on the launch of the Taxi magazine that you can find monthly in every cab in Beijing in the Magazine holder at the back of the passenger seat. And I would say it was a great move from Touch Media who managed to realize that maybe focusing on Print and on their magazine holder format (see also the article about the Asian Games beginning of April) while waiting for the market to be more mature for touch screens medias.

touch media screen 1

Thanks to the Auto-show and to the World Expo, we can now see that touch screens came back last month in the Beijing taxis with much more content and also an improved version of the screens with higher sensitivity and higher resolution (from my own experience, maybe the same screen than 3 years ago, but i feel it's working much better).

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Friday 23 April 2010

Auto-Show fever in Beijing.... Car brands hungry for outdoor!!!

The Giant Auto-show in Beijing from the 23rd of April to 30th is a major international event. Who remember the Auto-show in China 10 years ago?... no one because 10 years ago, brands were still focusing on implementing new models in Europe or the US but now... Aiyaaaaaaa, Vamos, On met le paquet, This is IT !!!!! All brands have been insane about the Auto-show in Beijing in the last 3/4 years.

volvo luggage claim

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Wednesday 21 April 2010

The 2010 Asian Games- making its space in outdoor media in Beijing

taxi asian games BJHard for the 2010 GuangZhou Asian games to exist when the whole world and the whole Asia eyes are looking towards the Shanghai World Expo.

All the sponsors of the World Expo are invading literally all outdoor formats in Beijing so we can feel that the GuangZhou Asian Games here tried to take what was left and I bet at a very affordable price.

Indeed, in the taxis of Beijing, it is not rare to see ads on air still from 2009 or even 2008 campaigns on those magazines holders; which you may think is quite surprising actually as the visibility is really striking.

taxi asian games BJ 2

Well the truth might be harsh but my idea would be that brands do not want to take the risk to be associated to the reputation of the Beijing taxis: stinky, rude, "Fast & Furious"...

Also the formats might be easily damaged by the passenger himself, or even written on without any control.

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Friday 9 April 2010

Shanghai World Expo iPhone App on the market soon

I deviate a little bit from my outdoor media blog mission just to share with you some interesting news as in a way... the World Expo has a lot to do with outdoor this year. So we can also have a look at some other interesting media channels that are going on the market for this event.

redbang iphone

I came along this press release that has been published by REDBANG, a Beijing company that has put up together some great maps and information on an Iphone App about everything you will need to know in the World EXPO. Can't wait to see it!!!

Wednesday 31 March 2010

Outdoor Ad spend in China rises 9% in 2009

the Shaq According to the latest report of CTR Market research, Ad expenditures in China raised 13,5% in 2009 to USD 74 Billion!!! And CTR expects another 10% growth of the market this year.

For the China Outdoor Ad spend, the growth is estimated to 9%. However, we shall bear in mind that this study for outdoor media does include subway medias but exclude Buses and Airport medias thus a significant part of the Giant pie is missing here but it definitly gives us the trend.

The TV advertising was again the big winner with an increase in spending of 15%.

Something I would really like to emphasize is that even those numbers can make you think all the media operators shall be making a LOT of money in China with those increases, we do not see in that study of how much the media inventory increased.
Indeed, if media operators invested and increased their media inventory of 30% and the ad spend only raised of 15%, it means many operators have difficulties... and many did in 2009!!

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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Prepare for Earth Hour in China with WWF and JCDecaux

earth hour JCD signatureAs we all know that WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) has initiated “Earth Hour” Event which has been continuously operated for the past three consecutive years. As a well-known public event, the purpose of this global charity practice is to cultivate and enhance the public awareness of environmental protection. “Earth Hour” was firstly initiated in Sydney in 2007 and it has created a dramatic impact around the world in the past three years.

On the day of the Earth Hour event in 2009, millions of people from 4159 cities in 88 countries participated. Landmarks including Beijing Bird Nest Stadium and Water Cube Sports Center, Shanghai's Oriental TV Tower, WFC (World Financial Center), Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower in Paris etc., have participated with an action of lights off for one hour.

This year, JCDecaux supports WWF and the "Earth hour" all over China through buses and subway advertisements.
earth hour bus SH

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Monday 22 March 2010

“风大,土多”: "Strong Wind, a lot of dust".

As an outdoor media blog, I don't really want to share with you the weather changes in Beijing unless it's worth notification. But what happened in the last few days is quite a Beijing phenomenon that is worth knowing: the Beijing sandstorm.

Here is what we can see today in Beijing ( first sandstorm hit BJ on friday night, and second one today):

sandstorm 1

Here is what we could see 7 days ago in Beijing ( snowed all Sunday 14th):

snow in BJ

So basically, in a 2 weeks time we had snow twice and sandstorms twice. I love Beijing weather!!!

The snow mid-March was quite a surprise I admit , but the sandstorms are quite common between Winter and Spring as if it was coming to cover Beijing in dust and reborn a few days later with a clear blue sky and warm temperatures. I am looking forward to that.

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Tuesday 16 March 2010

D-Day for Shanghai Hongqiao T2 opening!!!

hongqiao airport T1Do you remember my article about a month ago with the exlusive pictures of Hongqiao T2. Well here we go, today is the day of the big opening.

As a month ago, the road was quite messy on the way to Hongqiao T2, they managed to get everything ready and now is the time of transition for all the domestic flights of Hongqiao T1 to move to T2 little by little.

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Friday 12 March 2010

Iphone 3G S and China Unicom, trying to make its space in China

Let’s go back a few months back, China Unicom after 2 years of negociation finally find an agreement with Apple to be the exclusive provider of Iphone in China. China Mobile before China Unicom stopped discussion with Apple before that as they could not find an agreement.

So Iphone with a huge media support arrived “officially” in China end of August 2009.

iphone bus

    Full Bus body wrap in Beijing taken this morning

Problem: There were already about tens of millions of Iphone already in use in China as Sales channel already exist in all electronic markets where you can find Iphone coming from the US or HK. Prices are about the same, without a contract with any operator needed and plus you have the Wi-Fi function that has been disabled on China Unicom Iphones!!!...

To compensate those constraints, China Unicom threw huge amounts of money on advertisement: Outdoor, TV, Print, you can see it everywhere but Sales are not booming…

How long China Unicom is going to push an Iphone that buyers with a minimum of knowledge will go buy next door at the same price without an operator constraint?

After 8 months, China Unicom is still trying…

Monday 8 March 2010

Disney to buy into BUS media group in Mainland China

mickeyFollowing the announce that Disney would open a theme park in Shanghai in 2011, We now learn that Disney group is in advanced talks with Bus Online, China’s leading in-bus digital media and advertising company to buy stakes in the company.

The ultimate goal is of course to use Bus media, especially on board TV medias to promote Disney activites within China and ultimately the theme park.

We could think that, like in Japan, Disney would have in the buses lines going to the park 100% of the air time on the TV medias. And also some air time in other cities. We'll try to know more in the coming months.

Check more details at: http://techcrunch.com/2010/02/08/google-disney-bus-online

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Beijing metro going digital (suite)

Following the article of the 29th of January where we discussed about the installation of digital screens throughout various lines of Beijing metro.

Here below is a little taste of some advertisers we could see.

digital olive oil

COFCO with its Olive oil product. Cofco has been trying to push the olive oil product in the last couple of years, seeing that the olive oil is not that used in Chinese cuisine and that it could become an opportunity to raise their revenues on such products that can be seen as healthier and more natural( ... so more expensive).

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Saturday 20 February 2010

Welcome to Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2_ Exclusive pictures

During a business trip in Shanghai I had the chance to visit the new terminal of Hongqiao. The terminal is scheduled to open mid-March in order to support the tremendous traffic increase that the World Expo will bring to Shanghai.

My impressions about the new terminal in one word: IMPRESSIVE!!!

An amazing terminal that will be supported by a huge transportation center connected to the city with subway, buses, and to other cities with trains: a master piece.

And when you visit the airport today, what you can see are the amazing advertisement formats that are ready-to-use in the terminal.

check in Lightbox

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Wednesday 17 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year The “Tigerization” of Beijing

Like every year, Chinese new year is bringing its lot of “ animal advertisement” all around town.

This year, we can not miss the Tigerization of Beijing. Honestly, why not? I mean, it's a great event, great event for the families, the companies and every brand shall really take advantage of this opportunity to tigerize their ads and get a positive feeling from the audience towards the brands thanks to that.

But I am really wondering for some brands if they shall have jumped both feet in that tiger concept without really making something different out of it compared to other brands. I can give you some samples below:

Tiger in the shops tiger shop

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Monday 1 February 2010

Better, Faster, Stronger!!!

Hello everyone for this second week on LOokOut China, I wanted to discuss more this week about some interesting "creatives" that we can all see in Beijing and their specificities.

I wanted today to share with you this campaign for HuaXia Bank that I found funny as I myself wondered: Where else can we see the coach of a table-tennis team being the main figure of a major brand if it's not China?


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